Fashion Design

32 Hours / Access Length: 180 Days / Delivery: Online, Self-Paced

Course Overview:

The goal of this course is to provide the student with a holistic view of the fashion industry with theoretical and practical substance. At the end of this course, students should be able to successfully turn the conceptualization of a design into the realization of design with basic pattern making and construction skills learnt in modules 3 and 4. This course is predominantly skill-based built upon a foundation that consists of the right amount of theory to inspire creativity and encourage flexible thinking.

Students will:
  • Comprehensive understanding of the fashion design process
  • Grasp the basics of fashion drawing and illustration
  • Create a fashion design collection
  • Form a foundation of basic pattern making techniques and pattern drafting
  • Knowledge and practical skills to create a basic garment

Course Outline:

Module 1:
Lesson 1: The Fuss About Fashion

You will start this course by understanding fashion and the role it plays in our lives. We will take a closer look at the role of the fashion designer and other career opportunities in the industry. The basics of drawing and illustration will be introduced, and this will be used to draw your first flat fashion sketch.

Lesson 2: Material Things

Get to explore all things material. This lesson focuses on the basics of textile theory with a fun experiment at the end of the lesson that will make you feel like a scientist!

Lesson 3: For the Love of Patterns

In an extremely practical and fun lesson, you will be introduced to pattern making and the different equipment used to create patterns. You will also put pencil to paper and create some blocks to be sewn in the next lesson.

Lesson 4: Ready, Steady, Sew

Put your knowledge into practice where you will be introduced to the humble sewing machine and get to sew some basic seams.

Module 2:
Lesson 1: Hooked on History

We travel back in time to look at the different fashion eras and the design elements of each. After we have explored the evolution of fashion and its cultural significance, we will look at how to generate ideas from previous eras to create something new without appropriating any cultures.

Lesson 2: Technical about Drawing

Building on the basics of fashion drawing and illustration, we will focus on drawing our very own 9-head fashion figure. This is the time to experiment with different drawing styles and discover your own.

Lesson 3: Delve into Design

This lesson focuses on the design principles, their importance and how a designer can apply these principles to their designs. This lesson will be filled with amazing examples of how these design principles can improve your design to make it a piece that stands out from the rest!

Lesson 4: Behind the Seams

Now that you know how to create design details on a pattern, you need to master constructing them in the garment construction phase. This lesson will focus on the construction of pleats and different types of closures.

Module 3:
Lesson 1: Style with Substance

I am sure you are eager to find out what silhouette looks best on your body type? We will take a closer look at what fashion styling is and how to style different body types.

Lesson 2: Creating a collection

Do you dream about creating your own fashion collection? In this lesson, we will look at all the steps you need to complete & to make your fashion design dream come to life!

Lesson 3: Figuring it out digitally

Do you ever wonder how some designers create fashion illustrations digitally? Before we become amazing digital designers, we first need to get back to basics. You will learn how to use the pen tool, draw shapes, and create your first digital technical drawing.

Lesson 4: The digital designer

This lesson builds on the basics and is all about figuring out how to take your fashion drawings and illustrations to the next level. In this lesson, you will learn how to render your drawings to make them come to life.

Lesson 5: Designer's block

Grab your ruler and a pencil, because it is time to draft your basic pattern blocks. A good basic block is a gift that keeps on giving. For this lesson, we will focus on drafting the perfect bodice, sleeve, and skirt block ready for you to transform into something fresh and eye-catching.

Module 4:
Lesson 1: Modification station

Magic happens when you take your basic pattern blocks and manipulate them to bring your vision to life. We will explore different pattern making techniques to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Lesson 2: The business of fashion

To be able to build your brand, you need to understand how the fashion industry operates. Learn about how the fashion industry does just that in this lesson.

All necessary course materials are included.

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