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Legal Court Interpreter - Spanish (Advanced)
The Advanced (8-unit) English - Spanish Course for Court Interpreters provides in-depth training to legal interpreters. Students are expected to be fully bilingual in both languages. This course offers a comprehensive approach to theoretical and practical training for aspiring and working legal interpreters. It consists of six major components distributed among eight units.. Full description of Legal Court Interpreter - Spanish (Advanced)

Legal Court Interpreter - Spanish (Basic)
The Basic (3-unit) English - Spanish Course for Court Interpreters prepares aspiring bilinguals to approach the career of legal interpretation equipped with fundamental skills and knowledge. Students are expected to be fully bilingual in both languages. The Basic course has been designed for those aspiring interpreters who are preparing to start their carrier in the field of legal interpretation. To achieve a necessary level of qualification to practice the profession, further training is highly recommended. The large portion of the Basic course is dedicated to stages of criminal procedures to emulate the approach of the Consortium and the Federal Interpreter Program.. Full description of Legal Court Interpreter - Spanish (Basic)

Legal Transcriptionist Career Prep
Legal transcriptionists provide an important role in converting the spoken word to printed form. This course prepares students to transcribe the most common legal documents, and it also equips them with the perspective and capacity for decision making. Decision making is a key skill needed to adapt knowledge and skills to any situation encountered in a law office. Using theoretical and practical activities, students will learn about civil litigation, probate, family law, legal instruments, bankruptcy, and appellate procedure. Upon completion of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of the terminology, guidelines, and formatting skills needed to prepare accurate legal documents. . Full description of Legal Transcriptionist Career Prep

Paralegal Career Prep
The purpose of this course is to provide foundational knowledge of all aspects of the paralegal profession in order to prepare the student for a career as a paralegal. Topics of study include career opportunities, the paralegal workplace, technology, the court system, criminal and civil law, interviewing and investigating skills, and legal writing and research. The course also includes exercises and assignments designed to build critical thinking and hands-on skills.. Full description of Paralegal Career Prep


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